Strategy & Innovation

From vision to execution

Strategy consulting with strong focus on emerging digital technologies.

Boydak Strategy Consulting is a boutique consulting company based in Zurich with a special focus on emerging digital technologies. Since 2003, we have been successfully consulting on strategy and innovation for some of the largest Swiss companies in a wide range of industries, such as banking, insurance and health.

Embracing change and shaping next generation businesses.

With every project, we are on a mission to empower our clients to boldly embrace change and shape next-generation businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to our vision of fostering a thriving Switzerland with fearless innovators that create sustainable economic value.

Unique combination of strategy consulting and entrepreneurship.

With a unique combination of strategy consulting and entrepreneurship, we focus on designing the future (and have several award-winning products to show for it). We advise our clients along the entire value chain from conception of the initial vision, to implementing the concept and design, all the way to the final rollout and upscaling. We stay until the benefits are realized, and make sure our clients become valued long-term partners.

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